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Hire a breakdance show, b-boy performance or breaking crew from the UK

The Blood Masterz BBoys & BGirls 2010 Showreel

The fusion of friends from different renowned UK breaking crews combine to provide professional breakdance performances available for hire.

If you’re looking for a breaking show, hip hop dance performance or b-boy crew for your corporate event entertainment, surprise wedding dance performance, night club or other event we can be available to add some energy and interaction!

Contact us to hire a breakdance show for your next event!

Hiring the Blood Masterz breakdancers to perform a show at your event will:

  • Boost the energy and leave audiences thoroughly entertained!
  • Keep guests amazed and enthralled with something fresh and new they won’t have seen before!
  • Provide an exciting and memorable experience that your customers will remember for months and years to come!

Previous clients

Professional B-Boy Shows

Each and every client who have ever hired us has been completely satisfied with the service we provided them. We have previously performed at events for:

  • ASDA
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Harvey Nichols
  • O2
  • BT
  • Rockstar Games
  • Dsyfa Clothing
  • Envision
  • Morph Suits
  • and more!

Blood Masterz at The Secret Garden Party festival 2013

Breakdance shows, audience participation, workshops and battles

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“We had the pleasure of performing at an Event recently with Oliver and his Breakdance crew.

Having worked with many different artists over the years at events we were struck by just how enthusiastic and committed these guys were to their craft.

Their performance was slick and very creative and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing Breakdancers.”

Nicky Skilton – Company Director of E-MotionDanceCompany

B-Boy Zeus - The Masterz breakdance crewThe Blood Masterz breakdance crew, are a fresh and funky team of professional b-boys and b-girls (male and female break dancers) who all contribute their own individual style, flavour and experience to the giant dance floor shaped mixing pot. We serve up the best tasting break dancers for hire in the entire town of Horsforth… just kidding… We’ve performed at various types of events at bars, night clubs, festivals, weddings, corporate events, Christmas parties and more in England, UK and particularly around West Yorkshire and Leeds. We always succeed in delivering fresh, amazing and exciting breakdance performances that leave audiences blown away talking about how much of a great night they had as a result!

The thing that really stands out about the Blood Masterz breakdance crew is how much everybody shares a huge passion for dancing – we love breaking so much that we can’t help but do it everywhere we go, even in the street!

Audience participation

B-Boy Twist performing at a nightclub in Sheffield - the Masterz breakdance crew

One aspect of our shows we like to include, that our clients always love, is when we take a few minutes in the middle to invite a handful of volunteers up and teach them a few basic moves. This always has the rest of the audience cheering them on and everybody has a great time in the process! Don’t worry we won’t get them to try spin on their head, but we’ll show them some basic steps, funky footwork and maybe a freeze or two 🙂

After one of our short breakdance shows, which might include:

  • bboying also known as breaking or break dancing
  • body popping
  • street dance style routines
  • and other exciting styles fused together…

your guests will be left feeling energised and wanting to dance the rest of the night away, remembering how much of an amazing time they had at your event!

Continue to read about the requirements for a breakdance performance…

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Breakdance performance in the UK

Recent Posts

Somersault Combo Training


The last couple of months I’ve been feeling some minor annoying injuries in my shoulder and left leg, so haven’t been training as frequently and it felt aggravated when going to open gymnastics and throwing myself around like an idiot!

B-Boy Flips and Power Training

Last night was the first open gymnastics session I’ve been to in a few weeks and first time throwing any flips since BodyPower Expo last month (which was tremendous fun by the way)!

After B-Boy Marius’ advice, from our workshop at Yorkshire Dance we ran last month, who said to try combine all the power moves you have when you’re training them so you build your stamina as well as improve your transitions and different power moves I decided to try combo all the flips I could into one set. Even though I haven’t trained somersaults for a while, I felt more confident than ever throwing back tucks, gainers, websters and was even working on side flips which I’m still getting to grips with…

So above is a short clip from the result of training last night, I did manage to get the transitions a bit cleaner but didn’t record it.

Ideally I should be rolling out and throwing a side flip at the end, but I couldn’t figure out the transition and footing properly, so will work on this next time I’m at the SingleBound open gymnastics session!

Open Gymnastics Training – Leeds

A lot of people ask where the gymnastics gym we train is and whether they can come too: Yes, you can. And it’s in Pudsey, Leeds – check out SingleBound Parkour – teaching and open training for more details!

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

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