I just dropped a log…on the web

Welcome to B-Boy Twist’s shiny new blog

Good morning, afternoon, evening and night to all you delightful b-boys and potential b-boy lovers! This here is my first, and therefore most awesome, blog post. Exciting isn’t it?! What do you mean no? Well I’m excited anyway…

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But for now less text, more video…

Introducing B-Boy Twist and I Came To Dance dot com

Still no idea what’s going on? Allow me to take your hand and guide you to my About B-Boy Twist page that shall enlighten you and reveal all. Either that or confuse you even more…

Damn right I’m wearing a Hong Kong Phooey t-shirt; he’s the number 1 super guy! Apologies for the mega distorted audio for the battle, unfortunately my phone can’t handle DJ Wispa’s heavy beats.

Anyway…what a fun day that was, watching B-Boy Vietnam all the way from California throwing down some crazy moves – 1990’s on the back of his hand, ON THE BACK OF HIS HAND!

Make sure you get down to the next Attention To Detail jam at The Hop dance studio in Wakefield. Good atmosphere, good tunes, good people – good times! You’ve just seen how bad ass this month’s final was and I’m sure B-Boy Seb will edit a nice little trailer of it all which I shall post for you to enjoy when he does. Until then, here’s last month’s trailer filmed and edited by Seb for your viewing pleasure:

That’s a hefty quantity of video fun for you to absorb today. If you liked what you just experienced please spread the word about the blog. Leave a comment once you’ve told all your friends to visit http://www.ICameToDance.com and I’ll award you with a shiny medal next time we meet, I’ve only got one though so you’ll all have to share.

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Keep checking back for more updates, although you wouldn’t have to if you subscribed, fool!

“When there is an opportunity, I do not hit…It hits all by itself.”
— Bruce Lee

Ta ta for now 🙂

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