The Battle of Briggate

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Once upon a time Technical Tony and War battled B-Moc and Zeus and word of a rematch was in the air for many a moon.

Suddenly (probably after he’d had enough time to train in secret) B-Moc decided out of the blue that it would go down on Briggate, Leeds on 27th September 12 noon. Briggate?! My thoughts exactly, but with all the volunteered help and the magnificent weather it turned out to be the best location and a damn good jam!

So there it was, set in stone…or at least a facebook event was created.

Keep reading to check out the sweeeeet videos of the battles…

B-Boy Philthee managed to get permission from Leeds City Council to set up the jam in the middle of the pedestrianised street and they were more than happy for us to do it, so all was above board.

Karl, aka B-Boy War, was unable to make the occasion due to work and for some reason random extra contenders were roped in, including myself. So the original plan of a rematch went out the window, but shhhhhh, I don’t think anybody noticed…

The all mighty teams:

E.P. Twist and Tony

E.P. Twist and Tony

B-Moc, Zeus and Philthee

B-Moc, Zeus and Philthee

As we arrived and started setting up in the middle of Briggate on Sunday afternoon a crowd began to form. There was quite a good turn out of b-boys/b-girls there warming up and we soon had a big circle of surprised passers by admiring our dancing. They thought they were just going shopping at Debenhams…mwhahaha!

The Battle of Briggate

Check out my super smooth edit of the main event…

And the winner is….

We don’t know, we didn’t have any judges. So I’ll leave it up to you to form your own decision.

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After the main battle the lino was open for people to jam and a spontaneous crew battle erupted between B-Boy Flo, B-Girl Firefly, B-Boy Seb and B-Boy Kes against B-Boy Fizzle, B-Boy Afro, B-Boy Stylez and more.

Here’s Chen’s phone footage of the rest of the afternoon in 2 parts:
The Battle of Briggate – Spontaneous battle – Part 1

The Battle of Briggate – Spontaneous battle – Part 2

As you can see from the videos it was an absolutely awesome afternoon! Expectations were completely blown away and everyone had a great time, and…the sun was shining! 😀

Massive thanks to those that brought equipment along, filmed the afternoon, took photos, joined in and those that came to watch 🙂 You know who you are, give yourselves a reward. Have a cup of tea, you deserve it.

Personally I’d love to do it again, however, we live in England. Good observation skills I know. The weather for the next few months is most likely going to be cold and wet, so we might have to leave it for a while or look into the possibility of other similar locations, such as shopping centres. If anyone has any ideas then please let us know!

“To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.”

Bruce Lee

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