They may take my sunshine, but they’ll never take my freedom!

The transition from Thursday to Friday was a tiring, sleepless yet exciting one…and so our journey began ante meridiem, much later than planned, but earlier than I expected… Timings are always late in our household. A while after we embarked upon our travels I obviously had a nap in the passenger seat, which is about as comfortable as sleeping on a rock. Upon awakening it was bloody pissing it down! Ahhh, we must be in Scotland finally!

Read the full post to see the video of me getting my dance on…

We eventually arrived at Wiston Lodge to hit things, mostly drums, yey. What a fun experience it’s been thus far and hopefully the rest of the 8 days will be on the drum circle facilitators UK Playshop Mentor training course. Appropriately named, as opposed to a workshop, there’s much play involved 🙂 fun times.

As soon as I arrived on Friday, the true b-boy in me emerged and I found myself testing out the decking in front of the cabin I’m staying in. (You know you’re a breaker when you find yourself examining how suitable every floor is for dancing on, where ever you are.) The scenery was magnifiscent and I couldn’t resist busting out some moves while there was a strange period where water wasn’t actually falling from the sky. Earlier on today, Saturday at the time of tapping on the keyboard, there was a break in the training program and a couple of people continued to drum, so I cleared a space at the end of the room and got my groove on. There’s no way I could go 10 days without breaking at some point, especially when theres a smooth wooden floor staring back at me almost every minute of the day. Stop typing Twist and show me the damn video, ok:

B-Boying in the middle of nowhere, Scotland

“Part way through writing the word ‘determination’ on his sheet, his pen ran out.”

Paul Dear

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