B-Boy Twist to the Rescue!

Yesterday I went training with my brother at the gym, b-boying in the dance studio for a while and then a workout. After that intense weekend and the days training I was pretty pooped so when I got home after  a couple of hours I had to have a lie down.

Fizzle…no, sorry, The Phasion (as he is now known) phoned me mid nap and woke me up to see if I was able to help them out. The Jigsaw Cru were booked to do a show at The Plug in Sheffield that night but Hau and Afro were unavailable so The Phasion and B-Boy Energy needed an extra crew member. I jumped in the shower,  wolfed down my roast dinner (not at the same time) and our expedition began!

Na-na na-na na-na na-na B-BOY!

We got to The Plug and jammed a bit to warm up. We were going to be battling 3 other breakers in a showcase battle on stage. The other crew were damn good all round – nice style and smooth power.  I think I had seen them all battling before at Fresh Jive and other events but it was far too loud in the club to even talk to them and get to know them. Ah well, show time

Showcase breakdance battle – The Plug, Sheffield 10.11.09

The Jigsaw Cru plus myself, B-Boy Twist on the left, Sheffield and Manchester b-boys and b-girl on the right.

“Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?”

Bob Marley

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