Electro Rock – A blast from the past

I just found this proper old school bboying event video from the Hippodrome in London that took place back in 1985!

Check out some of the elements of hip hop in its original form with popping, locking, bboying, rapping and DJing. They even threw in a couple of magic tricks in their routine -funny stuff! I was planning on doing similar bits of magic in my throwdowns… just another reminder that everything you think you have created has probably been done before!


Man, I wish I had a tracksuit as cool as that…

This is the middle part of a few videos of the whole event, you can check out the rest of the videos on that guys YouTube channel – he’s got some pretty awesome old school videos. I’m currently listening to The Specials live in 1979.

“All you punks and all you teds,
National Front and natty dreads,
Mods, rockers, hippies, and skinheads
Keep on fighting till you’re dead!”

The Specials – Do the Dog

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