Good old windmill bruise!

Yo, yo, yo!

I returned from  Scotland on Sunday evening – home and reasonably dry 🙂

Wow, what an incredibly grrreat experience that was! It deserves a post all of its own, which I’ll get round to at some point in the future, but not right now. Have patience dear reader, for this entry is all about my first training session back at the gym in about a month and how intense it was. Ahh, ooo, eeee, ugogheh I’m definitely aching all over today!

You’ll see why in the amusing video below…

1990’s to swipes to windmill power combo

A couple of months before running away to the land of bread-crumbed eggs I’d started to push myself to work on power moves. I impressed myself at how quickly I managed to link a couple of moves together, even if it was as sloppy as a burger named Joe.

I’m still attempting to smooth out my only power combo and get my hips a lot higher when I’m doing my swipes. Yes, I’m well aware there are lot of other things I need to improve too, but most importantly I’d like to be able to do it consistently without crashing. Please leave a comment if you’ve got any advice to speed up my learning process!

Yesterday I spent most of the time in the dance studio faffing about twisting my dreads, I don’t want to end up with shitlocks now do I? After tidying my hair up I eventually got on it:

Well, that was fun…and now I’ve got a bruised lump sticking out of my shoulder. Nice!

Safety first – bashing your shoulder into the floor is about as enjoyable as it sounds. Don’t do it kids. Or, do it repeatedly until you’re body is conditioned ready to be a powerhead bboy.

I think I’ve got a permanent lump there from all the windmill practise. What foolish earthlings us bboys are… months of: “Ouch! My shoulder/hip/wrist/ankle/knee etc. Oh well… try again…….. Ouchhhh!” and so on. Maybe we think, as if by magic, being injured will allow us to suddenly execute the move perfectly with 27 rotations ending in a triple somersault. Unfortunately I’ve yet to experience that, usually I keep on training and just end up injuring myself even more!

Note to self: injury + training = further injury.

I’ll try find some time to upload a few old training videos for your viewing pleasure and sort out a fun post to give you an insight as to how awesome Scotland was next. Make sure you subscribe to stay updated! …Which that brings me to my next point – Go away 😛

“Always remember to have serious FUN!”


Ta ta for now

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