Power! Power! Power!

Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

Greetings Earthlings!

Hope you’re all feeling fine and dandy today… if not both, at least one. Dandy is always a bonus!

I’m in a strange mood at the moment – quite happy yet a little bit sad, absolutely knackered, aching and bruised but still energetic enough to whip up a massive feast before bed… I’m smiling so I suppose my positivity is living on as always! 🙂

I’ve been a bit retarded recently and haven’t been going to bed until stupid o’clock, so training at midday the last two sessions has been exhausting as I’ve only just managed to get in a couple of hours of sleep  beforehand. Which is absolutely ridiculous – SORT YOURSELF OUT TWIST! Okay, but posting this blog in the early hours of the morning isn’t helping…

Today, which has now become yesterday or Monday, we had a funny training session at the gym. I don’t think anyone was feeling on top form to be honest. My achilles tendon seemed to be aching a lot after Saturday night’s dancing and I couldn’t even top rock comfortably. On top of that, after I did one power combo set my shoulder expanded to reveal its lovely windmill bruise again. I really do need to stop rolling about on it! Butttt I managed to get out the longest power combo in the history of my b-boying today, which doesn’t look incredibly impressive if you watch the video. However in terms of personal goals I feel like I have achieved something reasonably good.

The exhausted crew aka The Masterz training video…

Featuring B-Boy Puddles, B-Boy SchoolPumps and B-Boy Moonshine! 😛

I had better go get some fuel in the form of food and sleep for tomorrows indoor climbing adventures. I’m definitely feeling like tearing it up at Tiger Tiger as well! Find your chastity belts ladies, this b-boy is gonna be going off!

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

Henry Ford

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Good night ladies and gentlemen! Safe journey home… oh, you’re already there…

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