Goodies of loveliness

Here’s a video filmed on Saturday which I’ve only just had chance to edit together and upload. Since then I’ve done even more fun stuff, so I’ll put that together in a separate video for your personal enjoyment in the near future. I don’t want you to get too excited, but it’ll feature me and others spinning around very fast in the air.

B-Boy Goodies of Loveliness and The Masterz Showcase Battle Highlights

If you’re admiring that fine clothing and wish to acquire a top to look cool in just click here now and receive free shipping when you use the promotional code UKWINTERSHIP. The light coloured tops are significantly cheaper and you can get yourself a basic white t-shirt for a measly £13 – do it! Although I’m rather pleased with my black hoody and I even wore it out on Saturday night. Everyone loved it long time 😉

I know the design looks very bright and pretty funky with the paint splatters… I think it suits it like that. But for you boring plain people who can’t handle it, I’m working on some simpler designs to satisfy your mediocre needs.

Unfortunately there wasn’t very much usable footage of our showcase battle from the Shed Bar on Thursday night, so there’s only a short little bit at the end of today’s video. You should have been there really! And if you were, thanks for coming 🙂

To end with how about an appropriate quote for how I feel at the moment…

“If you can read this make me a sandwich!”

There is also a massive range of really cool b-boying clothing, including caps, t-shirts and hoodies available on Zazzle designed by other people. Check all the breakdance clothes out here.

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