Having a jam with my main man Ludwig Van

Just a quick video update from training on Tuesday… I’ve been practising this bad ass flag freeze to windmill. I’m rather impressed with it myself ┬áso thanks to Bruce for suggesting I add a coin drop to the end of my flag freeze!

Obviously this was the first session practising it, so it might take a while to smooth out, but here’s an inside scoop for you peoples!

I thought I would mix up the tunage a bit and surprise you with the 5th Symphony! Check me out killing those beats! Ha ha.

I’m going to the gym now so I’ll practise rolling about on the floor a bit more and then it’s the tumbling class later. Hopefully I’ll perfect my standing front somersault so I can bust it out when I’m breaking!

Until next time hombres…

There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult.

Warren Buffet

Keep it real!

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