Training with B-Boy E.P

The video says it all…

Our showcase battle at the Shed Bar was supposed to be next Thursday, but it’s been moved forward. So unfortunately a couple of our crew members can’t make it – not to worry, I got some bad assssss b-boys in to cover. It’s gonna be off the hook! … If there ever were a hook in the first place…

“Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.”

Louis Hector Berlioz

One thought on “Training with B-Boy E.P

  1. Hey Oliver, your handstandy stuff’s getting really good. Liking your L-kick move at the end. So, your bro does breakdance too eh?
    How you finding using this blog? i’m just getting a website built and they’re trying to get me in to blogging- in all my spare time(!). Dya reckon its worth it?