First training session of the decade!

So 2010 is off to some sort of a start, has it been good for you so far? Well, I’m rather enjoying it at least, although the snow is getting a little bit annoying now! I might venture out into the garden and make a snow b-boy before it all melts, if I can be bothered braving the harsh conditions!

One of my resolutions for the New Year is to learn somersaults! So, just 4 days into the year I used the motivational words of Arnie – “Do ittt! Come onnn, do it nowww!” to give me the courage to just go for it and try a front somersault on a hard floor for the first time ever Trevor and… nobody died! Quite the opposite, I’m very much alive 🙂 and it felt pretty good to land it without injuring my ankles as I have in the past when practising standing front tucks on grass and thin mats. Booyah!

So I suppose you want to see this miraculous event…

B-Boy Twist’s first ever front tuck somersault on a hard floor

You might also notice some new moves thrown in for your viewing pleasure there too. I’m still working on that, so shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!

I’ve just been training at the gym today with my brother and at the end of the session I managed to build up the confidence to try another front somersault. I seemed to be thinking about it a bit too much and scared myself a little, so when I eventually came to do it I didn’t feel like I set it up properly. As soon as I jumped I thought ‘Ahh, I don’t think I’m gonna make it!’ but to my surprise I landed it perfectly :O whoop!

So the moral of the story is – stop faffing about and DO IT!

I plan on practising my front tucks a lot more to ensure I can do it consistently and then I’ll start practising back tucks. Which should be a lot easier in terms of getting plenty of height in the jump, but slightly more terrifying at the fact that you’re throwing yourself in the air and using the momentum of your legs to trust you rotate over your head 360 degrees and land safely on your feet again… and not your head.

At least with front flips you’re pretty much guaranteed to rotate enough to make sure your head isn’t in danger of the floor contacting it at high speeds and severe bleeding occurring as a result. Unlike we’ve seen happen to drunken idiots who think they can backflip when we’re breaking in clubs on nights out. The moral of that story – if you’re an idiot and you’ve been consuming alcoholic beverages – keep at least 1 foot in contact with the floor at all times, somersaults aren’t a wise idea pisshead.

“I ain’t got time to bleed.”

Blain – Predator

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  1. Need someone who can body pop to work at a few festivals teaching people a few moves
    please email if interested
    first event is global gathering