Happy New Year…Let’s Dance!

Happy New Year b-boys and b-girls 🙂

We rang in 2010 at Chen’s party this year. I had an absolutely incredible night starting seeing school friends at a local bar and then joining the crew at Chen’s. Just a few minutes after the countdown to the new year and there was already a cypher going on the living room floor. Which soon turned into the very first battles of the decade, despite alcohol consumption levels soaring…

B-Boy War vs Technical Tony followed by Zeus vs Philthee:

That’s probably the best I’ve ever seen Tony dance, skillz! (I substituted the last ‘s’ of ‘skills’ for a ‘z’ there because I’m just that street.)

Resolutions for 2010

So, no doubt you’ll already have been asked what your New Year’s Resolutions are. I wonder if you’ve even managed to make it till now (5th January) on your quest to give up eating chocolate or smoking or whatever you were pretending to do… Normally my New Year’s Resolutions are general minor things like ‘keep having fun’ and ‘meet even more sexy ladies’ because I usually can’t think of any improvements on my amazingly fun life, ha… However, towards the end of 2009 I’ve realised several things and that I need to take action!

Now is the time!

So, I shall be working away to ensure my business thrives this year in this currently unsatisfying economic climate amongst other positive actions to enable me to continue to have fun, meet  sexy ladies and avoid having to listen to my brother Rob’s life advice. Shut up, being a self employed professional magician and drum circle facilitator IS a job  and there is no way, at all ever, that I would apply at McDonald’s!

Anyway, after all the business productivity New Year’s Resolutions comes b-boying. This year it’s gonna be on like Donkey Kong! The first training session of 2010 was super bad ass and I’ll explain…no, show you why in the next post.

Until then – remember to wear layers and don’t run on the ice… unless you’re aiming for a masssssive fun slide, in which case I recommend running on a dry spot first then jumping onto a lengthy polished patch of ice for maximum fun, speed and distance…

“Now, in order to answer the question, “Where do we go from here?” which is our theme, we must first honestly recognize where we are now. “

Martin Luther King Jr.

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