Stylophone Beatbox!

Wow! Who would have thought my Dad would have been the one to show me the coolest thing I’ve seen at least all week! … And I’ve seen at least 2 cool things… probably more.

This is an absolutely amazing/hilarious video from Brett Domino giving a demo of the cool new Stylophone Beatbox: Portable Beats Machine. I’d seen the product in the IWOOT catalogue a while ago but never realised the incredible potential until my Father told me to check out this video featuring some classic b-boy tunes and other hip hop beats. Prepare to be astounded, hahaha:

Brett Domino: Hip-Hop Medley – Stylophone Beatbox

Click here to buy your Portable Beats Machine on sale for less than £10!

It’s got a build in loop sampler! I WANT ONE! are charging £20 – no thanks…

I think I’ll be placing my order very shortly with – click here to get your Stylophone Beatbox on sale for under £10!

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Wayne Gretzky

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