The Masterz at Martial Arts Xtreme Show

Although I haven’t been posting recently due to recoving from a sprained ankle and not having many awesome training videos to share there has still been a lot of things happening in The Masterz Crew world. Exciting things… eeeee, I’m excited, aren’t you?!

I hope so, because I shall be adding a few new posts in the next week to get you up to date with recent goings on.

Seeing as I’m lazy and somebody else has already edited and uploaded this video, I’ll start with the Masterz Crew show that kicked off an MMA event inside a cage! Which I’m not even in, as I was working in Edinburgh doing rhythm activities with 3000 Girl Guides.

You can see a brief bit of The Masterz skills at the start of this video:

So if you’re interested in hiring The Masterz B-Boys to perform a breakdance show at your event, just get in touch to discuss the details and obtain a quote.

Check back soon for video delights of The Masterz awesome Oceana Chinese New Year show as well as battle footage from recent events! If you’re lucky I might even include a little bit more footage from the Martial Arts Xtreme show.

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See you soon home boys and girls.

“He who is taught only by himself has a fool for a master.”

Ben Jonson

He who is taught only by himself has a fool for a master.
~ Ben Jonson

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