Blood Masterz – Special Effects Make-Up Project

B-Boying Demons – Ambush Battle Video

Back in April we helped out my flat mate – special effects make-up artist Emily Stibbs with her final project for her university course on special effects make-up…

She had asked if she could create a promotional video for our crew by applying demonic SFX make-up and prosthetics to us then film us having a super angry battle… possibly a first in b-boying videos that have ever been created, who knows?! Our research couldn’t find anything like it!

Our full, exhausting day of having prosthetics stuck to us and spinning around on the floor from 8am until nearly midnight resulted in capturing some totally bad ass photos and the following artistic video:

Personally I would have filmed and edited the video a lot differently to highlight our breaking in a much better light, as it was supposed to end up as a promotional video for our crew. But I didn’t film or edit it and there were time restrictions in place etc. so it was all out of my hands.

Either way, Emily Stibbs’ SFX make-up was amazing, she went way above and beyond what was needed for her project and she graduated¬†with a 1st degree, whoop – well done!¬†

I managed to hassle the film students for their raw footage so who knows, when I have chance I might be able to create something even more evil from the shots captured.

We’re still waiting for the edited photos from the photographer, but as soon as I get hold of them, I’ll post them up here!

Creativity is what helps me escape a lot of my inner demons.
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