Gainer Dive Roll?


This bad ass battle between B-Boy Pocket and B-Boy Tata was circulating around Facebook recently, you might have seen it.

But one move in particular, amongst all the other total bad assery, captured my attention and made me want to try it…

At 2:15 in the video Tata does a gainer entry into a dive roll – coooool, couldn’t wait until the next open gymnastics session!

My and B-Boy Bouncy decided to give this a try, for me it was quite terrifying and still looks no where near as cool as Tata’s, but I think I was actually jumping over the wrong shoulder and making the move A LOT more difficult for myself, oh well, always better to create a new version of what you’re inspired by rather than straight up biting it!

The Oliver Twist Flip


The OT Flip

Soon after I started doing this swipe entry to dive roll I wondered whether I could front tuck it. Today I arrived at the gym and felt lousy, but as soon as I started training I was in hyper drive and dedicated to nail this!
I present to you: The Oliver Twist Flip © 2015 – until I see video evidence of someone doing this entry to a front flip before me, I’m gonna claim this as my little baby!