Breakdance show requirements

The Blood Masterz Break dance crew show requirements:

B-Boy Twist of the Masterz Breakdance Crew performing an elbow freeze at CandyPants at Oracle Nightclub and BarIn order to show off our incredible moves we need a large empty space with a level, smooth and clean floor.

A stage or dance floor  is ideal!

We can often make do in smaller spaces, but the show won’t be as impressive if we’re limited to the moves we can perform. Having a large, clear space allows us plenty of room to perform explosive moves without the risk of injuring ourselves or more importantly your spectators. A good smooth and shiny dance floor means we can pull off amazing power moves with plenty of spins to excite the crowds which simply isn’t possible on small rough floors with drinks spilled all over them.

It is important to note that a lot of the impressive floorwork breakdance moves happen low down and are much easier to see on a high stage, especially if you have a large audience.

If there are just a small number of customers to entertain then a dance floor is perfect as people get to gather around and feel part of the action, but we don’t want half your audience to miss out on the action because they couldn’t see past the person who was standing in front of them!

Award ceremony breakdance show

Give us a break! We need music to dance to and in most cases require you or the venue to provide the sound system, although we can supply our own if necessary. We can dance to your own music (as long as it is appropriate – b-boying to  The Beatles isn’t very congruent) or we can provide our own funky break beats and old school hip hop mixes either on CD or iPod.

We also love dancing to live music! Have double the impact when we show our rhythmical breakdance skills to the sound of your live funk band!

Lights, camera…action!

It’s usually best to turn off your swirly, flashing dance floor lighting and let your audience see all the action with some simple, clear and bright lighting.

We often like to film our performances with a small pocket HD camcorder, mostly so we can review it ourselves but also with the possibility of including clips on this website. If you’d prefer that we don’t film at your event, just let us know!

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