Breakdance Show Types

Breakdance Performance Types:

Members of the Masterz breakdance crew are available to perform different types of shows in Leeds, Bradford, other areas of West Yorkshire or any other location in the UK… possibly even in the world depending on your budget.

A breakdance performance could include any number of dancers from just 1 up to 10. It’s important to remember that the less dancers you require – the cheaper it will be for you đŸ™‚ however, the more physically demanding it will be on the breakers! As our break dance show team is based in Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield, it is also more cost effective to hire us to perform in West Yorkshire, although we do travel to perform break dance shows of different durations in locations across England.

It all depends on the length of performance you would like and space you have available…

We specialise in providing short energiser shows, perfect for kick starting an event, or perhaps adding intermittent boosts of  entertainment through the event a few minutes at a time. Performance durations range from a couple of minutes up to about 20 minutes…

Get in touch to hire us to perform a breakdance show at your event in Leeds or West Yorkshire!

Most popular show format

A lot of our recent clients have hired us to perform 10 – 20 minute shows with 4 or 5 dancers in total.

  1. Our show starts with approx. 6 – 8 minutes of routines, freestyle solos and of course plenty of funky footwork, freezes, power moves, flips and tricks.
  2. We then invite a few volunteers up from the audience and teach them a few basic moves including, top rock, freezes and some footwork. This always has the rest of the crowd cheering on and is great fun for everyone!
  3. After the volunteers have returned to the audience we finish off with a few more minutes of routines, power moves and bad ass moves to bring the show to a finale! This always leaves everybody hyped up and buzzing!

Showcase Breakdance Battle Performance

B-Boy Philthee - Masterz Crew Showcase BattleOne type of breakdance show people really love watching is a staged breakdance battle. This is where we have two different teams of break dancers battling against each other one at a time constantly trying to beat the previous dancers moves and show their crew is the best! This works particularly well with 2 – 4 dancers on each team, so a total of between 4 and 8 dancers in the exhibition showcase battle.

Durations can range from just a couple of minutes to a 15 minute showcase breakdance battle performance depending on what you need!

Your audience can even get a chance to join in the fun and vote for which team they think won at the end!

Contact us if you would like a showcase breakdance battle performance at your nightclub event, private party, community festival or other event…

Choreographed Hip Hop Dance Routines or Improvised Freestyle B-Boy Solos

The Masterz Breakdance Crew Choreographed Stage Show

If a showcase breakdance battle doesn’t sound like your thing, we can offer you a performance featuring a mixture of improvised b-boying and choreographed routines  similar to crews you might have seen on television such as Flawless or Diversity from Britain’s Got Talent.

B-Boy Philthee's Freestyle Solo Performance - The Masterz Breakdance CrewOur dance routines are combined with freestyle solo breakdance performances where dancers show their individuality one after another.

We always provide a tailored breakdance performance to suit your needs.

When you have an idea of the type of performance that might suit your event best –

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and obtain a free quote now!

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