Supplements For Dancers

Top Supplements to Give You the Edge Over Your Competitors

Supplementing a balanced diet with the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients will enable you to:

  • Feel confident showing off your body when performing in front of others
  • Dance more explosively, for longer to be envied by your competitors in battles and auditions
  • Recover quicker after training and performances so you can keep going and feel fresh

Ever missed a part because you ‘didn’t have the right look’?

As superficial as it is, as a dancer, you know that unfortunately people are judging your physical appearance all the time. It’s important to look toned, lean and radiate confidence so you have the upper hand when being cast at auditions and performing in front of clients and audiences…

Eating a clean, balanced diet of protein, good fat, complex carbs and fibre is often overlooked by dancers, especially breakers! We don’t have nutritionist consultants and dieticians to tell us what to eat like other professional athletes, so it’s common to see bboys regularly feasting on McDonalds and KFC after jams on a regular basis.

But as you probably know, dancing and breaking in particular is one of the most physically demanding activities for your body! If you’re not eating right and supplementing your diet with the tools it needs to sustain, grow and repair itself, you’re probably already feeling sluggish and overweight.

Here are some top things to try as well as maintaining a balanced diet that’s free from refined and processed junk!

Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is an all natural fat burner that was specifically designed for athletes to cut weight and get lean fast – in particular for mixed martial arts UFC fighters to drop fat before their weigh-in prior to a fight.

If you want to look your best for a fast approaching show or audition, this is a highly effective, natural and safe supplement you can use to get a ripped physique quickly.

UFC fighters like Diego Sanchez absolutely love this product, which is how I heard about it.

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