Supplements For Dancers

Top Supplements For Dancers

As a dancer, you aren’t putting yourself out there just to be looked at, you do it for the love of it, but that might not be what everyone else sees. This is why we’ve compiled a list of top supplements for dancers to help you.

Ultimately, a lot of people will be judging you on your physical appearance, it’s a shame, but it seems to be the way of the world right now, especially the dance world specifically.

The good news is, although other people’s opinions aren’t the main reason to do anything, looking toned, feeling good and lean can all enhance your performance – it’s not all about your appearances!

Not just that, there are some great supplements that can help dancers to get the edge over their competitors.

A Balanced Diet With Supplementation Can Allow You To:

  • Feel confident enough to show off your body when performing in front of an audience
  • Dance more explosively, with better stamina at the envy of your competitors in battles and auditions
  • Speed up recovery after training and a performance, allows you to go again and feel fresh

Don’t Miss Out On a Part Because of Appearances

That’s right, you no longer have to be turned down for a role because you don’t fit the look, you can get the physique that is the envy of the other auditionees, giving you an advantage.

Don’t neglect your diet, eating clean, with the right proteins combined with complex carbs and good fats should not be underestimated by anyone, especially dancers.

You don’t need to be told that the elite dancers are out there using dieticians and consulting nutritionists to perfect their look and help them to perform at the peak of their powers.

Sure, it’s not uncommon to see b-boys tucking into a KFC after jams, but this isn’t how to give yourself the best possible chance of performing at your best.

A good diet alone isn’t enough to bring out the very best in you, more often than not, there is more you can do. Many of the world’s top athletes are turning to supplements to compliment their carefully constructed diet and workout routine to give themselves the edge.

Since dancing is so physically demanding, you want to eat the right things and supplement your diet to give yourself everything your body needs to sustain, grow and repair itself, especially if you often feel sluggish or have concerns about your weight.

Here are some ideas for the best supplements for dancers to enhance your capabilities in the most natural and effective way. We should note, that these supplements are 100% natural and are amongst the best around in terms of reputation.

Top Energy Boost To Get Through Training

4 Gauge

4 Gauge pre workout for dancersA great pre-workout to compliment your routine, again it is another completely safe supplement that is amongst the most effective I have seen.

I particularly like this one as it gives you a real noticeable boost, with no artificial sweeteners.

The power you will get from 4 Gauge is transferable from both the gym as well as rehearsals and performances. To get the most out of every dance session, you want something like this product in your locker.

With a pre-workout as effective as this, the only hard part is actually getting to the gym or performance. Once you are there, this brings out the best in you.

What Does 4 Gauge Do for My Body?

  • Explosive Power – The ability to really make noticeable gains and make your way up the weight increases in the gym, it will make you stronger in your performances, so the more demanding routines will be easier. This is all down to the extra connectivity between your brain and body.
  • Cognitive Capabilities – Enhancing your concentration making it easier to get through your routine and remember everything you need to.
  • Enhanced Stamina – Dancing is one of the most physically draining activities out there, because of this you need something that makes the cardio easier, as well as helps you to stay stronger for longer.
  • Increased Strength – More blood circulating around your muscles, means they will get bigger and change your appearance altogether.

Who Makes 4 Gauge?

An important question, and the people behind 4 Gauge are also behind the best fat burner I have come across (Instant Knockout), they are Roar Ambition. We will go into who they are a little more below, but let’s just say, customer service and quality control are two of their biggest qualities.

Some of the world’s top athletes and gym enthusiasts alike use their products.

4 Gauge Ingredients

This is more important than you think. Having seen a fair few pre workouts in my time, I know what a bad product looks like from the off. Thankfully 4 Gauge is a good balance of well selected ingredients, optimal dosages and 100% safe and natural.

L-Citrulline DI-Malate is derived from watermelons, it works as a super powerful vasillidator that is good for your pumps and the overall look of your muscles. Think of it as the bulk that dilates your blood vessels making it easier for it to get to your muscles.

Caffeine & L-Theanine, these two are often paired together for a reason. The caffeine is common in pre-workouts, the extra energy often contributes to added explosiveness. The L-Theanine is included to make sure you stay calm and in control. This ensures your caffeine intake isn’t burnt up quickly and the effects last longer.

For your cognitive capabilities, Rhodiola Rosea is included and this effective ingredient helps you to really focus. Found in a lot of nootropics as well as pre-workouts, this is a real great ingredient to use for dancers due to the fact that we often have to remember routines.

As dancers, we need to stay hydrated to be on top of our game. This is where 4 Gauge have shown a great understanding of their consumers with the inclusion of Coconut Water. This ingredient helps you stay hydrated through its electrolytes.

With other effective pre-workout ingredients included, it is not difficult to see why so many athletes use pre-workouts, many of them choosing 4 Gauge.

Read my full 4 Gauge Review here on my health, fitness and nutrition website: Clean Lean Machine.

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 supplements for dancers

Top Recommended Fat Burner For Dancers

Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout fat burner for dancers

This proven fat burner is used around the world by professional athletes and enthusiasts alike.

Why would you want to use a fat burner as a dancer?

Firstly, it helps you to operate with less body fat, allowing you to shed those difficult pounds. A great and effective way of looking your best – we all know how important that is in this industry!

Trying hard but failing to bring out the definition in your abs? This is the supplement you have been looking for. Only the most effective fat burners can sculpt your physique and make you a clean lean machine.

It is tailor made for athletes and used by those who need to make weight such as UFC fighters. In fact, one of Instant Knockouts main endorsements is UFC fighter Diego Sanchez who swears by this product, that’s how I actually found out about it.

A great product for anyone who is in need of perfecting their look before an important audition. It uses 100% natural ingredients at effective dosages to get you looking ripped and quick!

Just What Does Instant Knockout Do For My Body?

  • Faster Fat Loss – get rid of the awkward pounds quicker.
  • Safe Training – No need to worry about side effects
  • Appetite Suppressing – It stops you from wanting to grab a snack in between meals
  • Increase Energy – Even though you will not want to snack as much, you will have more energy to train with

On top of all this it will get you incredibly motivated, compliment your routine and workouts with a fat burner as effective as this and you will notice the difference in your approach. The intensity at which you can operate at will change completely.

Who Makes Instant Knockout?

It’s always good to know who is behind a supplement, how else can you trust them? In this case, it is Roar Ambition who ship across the world from the USA and UK.

They have a generous money back guarantee and they also review and amend their recipe frequently, ensuring you get the best possible version.

Instant Knockout Ingredients

This is what makes any supplement effective, it’s also where you can see if it is dangerous or safe. Thankfully, Instant Knockout is completely safe, and the ingredients are amongst the best proven fat burners going.

Ingredients such as Green Tea and Cayenne Pepper are good because they get the thermogenic process going. This is where your body is heated up inside, causing it to burn fat to cool down.

Glucomannan is a great appetite suppressant, making you feel fuller for longer. Caffeine Anhydrous will get your metabolism moving, burning fat for energy and in turn give you a real energy boost.

Even Vitamin B6 is in there which is another ingredient that will speed up your metabolism, but also help your body to absorb protein, enhancing muscle growth.

These are just a handful of the great ingredients they use. The fact that it is safe for competition makes it an incredibly popular fat burner, and one I use and recommend completely.

Read my full Instant Knockout Review over on my dedicated health and fitness website.

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Top Fat Burner For Female Dancers


Sometimes a regular fat burner just isn’t right for the female market, whilst many women do use Instant Knockout, having spent a lot of time researching, the best female fat burner for dancers is LeanBean.

It doesn’t take long to find a string of positive LeanBean reviews and the general consensus is that it is a fast working and effective supplement.

For dancers that really want to cut out the amount of fat they have now, as well as stop themselves from gaining more, LeanBean is the product of choice it seems.

Just What Does LeanBean Do For My Body?

  • It Targets Problem Areas Of Fat – Those Hard to lose areas are often the last to go, LeanBean targets them all.
  • 100% Natural – safe to use due to the carefully selected and completely natural fat burning ingredients
  • Burns Body Fat – Gets rid of it through a series of effective ingredients doing what they do best
  • Suppresses Appetite – Stopping you from snacking and putting the fat you are losing back on

Who Makes LeanBean?

LeanBean is the brainchild of UK start up Ultimate Life who have a growing reputation in the fat burner industry.

They produce their products in facilities approved by the FDA and have a generous money back guarantee, so they clearly back their product to be effective.

LeanBean Ingredients

Again, a product that only uses natural ingredients, there’s no need to consume anything that isn’t when there are products that are as effective at helping you to lose fat like LeanBean.

Glucomannan, again, an important fat burner ingredient that was also in Instant Knockout, it is often the sign of a quality product as it is so effective. It swells in your stomach, making you feel fuller, one of the best appetite suppressants out there.

Green Tea and Cayenne Pepper, again two more that are often found in fat burners, good for the thermogenic process that gets your body burning fat without you having to do anything.

Turmeric gets a bit of a reputation as a super food and for good reason. It is often used for boosting your body’s defences but also lowers inflammation in cells that are linked to obesity. It also helps keep your estrogen levels balanced – important for keeping fat away.

Piperine is a great ingredient in any supplement as it brings out the best in all the other ingredients. So, to maximize the fat burning capabilities of the other nutrients, this is a good inclusion.

Read my full LeanBean Review over at

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Supplements For Dancers Conclusion

So there you have it. A list of great supplements for dancers that are sure to give you the edge over any competitors.

Whether you are looking to further your dancing career or enhance your overall ability, stamina or strength or look then these are all thought of as some of the best around.

In my opinion, these are an important part of any athletes diet, as a dancer, I appreciate the fact that they help me to be at my best, when I need it the most.

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