B-Boy Flip and Power Combos


Tuesday = Open Gymnastics Training, yey!

Unfortunately, every time I throw somersaults recently, it’s ended up with my IT Band getting sore and tight, which causes my knee to hurt and means I end up walking like I’ve been sexually abused. To literally add insult to injury, my shoulder also hurts if I try to train other things like handstands or any calisthenics on the bar like pull ups, muscle ups, front levers, back levers, planches etc. which is grossly inconvenient. Rest I suppose is the only option. At least I filmed this little combination of back tuck, roll back, 1990, swipe dive roll to webster before I surrendered to the pain…

Birthday B-Boy Battle


B-Boy Tradition – Birthday Battle Rounds

This year I ended up having 2 Birthday battles – the day before I went to Greentop Circus at Sheffield to hang out with B-Boy Bobak and a couple of dancers who he was working with in Sheffield and another long and intense battle with all the lovely West Yorkshire breakers who turned up to Smokestack on my Birthday (great turn out  and awesome jam – love you all long time!).

At the end of the Greentop session Frank and Dean challenged me and Bobak to a little battle, I felt very fatigued and injured so agreed but said let’s take it easy… ha, obviously that went straight of the window and things escalated quickly! Here’s a cheeky little clip from the battle, great fun…

Crackroc vs Twist Battle – Attention to Detail 28th February

After Flo’s awesome workshop, reviewed in the previous post, I spontaneously decided to enter the battle at Attention to Detail, even though I hadn’t been training very much due to recovering from my sprained ankle. So obviously my name came … Continue reading

Get on the good foot… at these events…

Yo, just a quick heads up about events coming up soon that you should be at if you’re cool. If you’re not cool then you should probably stay at home for you might not be able to handle the enjoyment. … Continue reading