Somersault Combo Training


The last couple of months I’ve been feeling some minor annoying injuries in my shoulder and left leg, so haven’t been training as frequently and it felt aggravated when going to open gymnastics and throwing myself around like an idiot!

B-Boy Flips and Power Training

Last night was the first open gymnastics session I’ve been to in a few weeks and first time throwing any flips since BodyPower Expo last month (which was tremendous fun by the way)!

After B-Boy Marius’ advice, from our workshop at Yorkshire Dance we ran last month, who said to try combine all the power moves you have when you’re training them so you build your stamina as well as improve your transitions and different power moves I decided to try combo all the flips I could into one set. Even though I haven’t trained somersaults for a while, I felt more confident than ever throwing back tucks, gainers, websters and was even working on side flips which I’m still getting to grips with…

So above is a short clip from the result of training last night, I did manage to get the transitions a bit cleaner but didn’t record it.

Ideally I should be rolling out and throwing a side flip at the end, but I couldn’t figure out the transition and footing properly, so will work on this next time I’m at the SingleBound open gymnastics session!

Open Gymnastics Training – Leeds

A lot of people ask where the gymnastics gym we train is and whether they can come too: Yes, you can. And it’s in Pudsey, Leeds – check out SingleBound Parkour – teaching and open training for more details!

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Wayne Gretzky

Practising Baby Windmills to Swipes


Power combo training at the gym

After painstakingly wearing a hole in my shoulder for years, I feel like I’m getting slightly closer to being able to do baby mills/munch mills recently and actually get my ankles locked into a position that roughly resembles the right shape. Some days these feel good and I can get a few out and combo it into swipes and other power (although this is a terrible attempt at a 1990 in the video below haha!) but some days it just doesn’t click and I can only do 1 or 2… More practise and padding on my shoulder required!

Open BBoy Training and Beginners Breakdance Class in Leeds


Breaking with Blood Masterz – Open Training & Class

The Blood Masterz BBoys & BGirls weekly Wednesday sessions are going nicely! So far we’ve taught a lot of classes with our own Leeds based crew with B-Boy Bobak, B-Boy Bouncy, B-Boy Philthee, B-Boy Hauey, B-Boy Piece and myself helping out as well as some amazing guest teachers such as internationally renowned B-Boy Marius, B-Boy Foggy and B-Girl Shortbread with each session touching on different aspects of breaking culture.

Check out the Open Training and Beginners Breakdance Class page for all term dates and details!

B-Boy Flip and Power Combos


Tuesday = Open Gymnastics Training, yey!

Unfortunately, every time I throw somersaults recently, it’s ended up with my IT Band getting sore and tight, which causes my knee to hurt and means I end up walking like I’ve been sexually abused. To literally add insult to injury, my shoulder also hurts if I try to train other things like handstands or any calisthenics on the bar like pull ups, muscle ups, front levers, back levers, planches etc. which is grossly inconvenient. Rest I suppose is the only option. At least I filmed this little combination of back tuck, roll back, 1990, swipe dive roll to webster before I surrendered to the pain…

Birthday B-Boy Battle


B-Boy Tradition – Birthday Battle Rounds

This year I ended up having 2 Birthday battles – the day before I went to Greentop Circus at Sheffield to hang out with B-Boy Bobak and a couple of dancers who he was working with in Sheffield and another long and intense battle with all the lovely West Yorkshire breakers who turned up to Smokestack on my Birthday (great turn out  and awesome jam – love you all long time!).

At the end of the Greentop session Frank and Dean challenged me and Bobak to a little battle, I felt very fatigued and injured so agreed but said let’s take it easy… ha, obviously that went straight of the window and things escalated quickly! Here’s a cheeky little clip from the battle, great fun…

Front Full Twist, Gainer, Webster, Side Flips


Experimenting and trying to link some of my flips together

And then there’s B-Boy Bouncy, trying stuff on a completely different level to me!
Attempting a Front Full Twist Somersault…

Gainer Somersault Training


Linking my gainer into a throwdown…

is rather difficult, but I’m getting there slowly! Thought I’d try gainer to 360 dive roll, what do you think?

Gainer Dive Roll?


This bad ass battle between B-Boy Pocket and B-Boy Tata was circulating around Facebook recently, you might have seen it.

But one move in particular, amongst all the other total bad assery, captured my attention and made me want to try it…

At 2:15 in the video Tata does a gainer entry into a dive roll – coooool, couldn’t wait until the next open gymnastics session!

My and B-Boy Bouncy decided to give this a try, for me it was quite terrifying and still looks no where near as cool as Tata’s, but I think I was actually jumping over the wrong shoulder and making the move A LOT more difficult for myself, oh well, always better to create a new version of what you’re inspired by rather than straight up biting it!

The Oliver Twist Flip


The OT Flip

Soon after I started doing this swipe entry to dive roll I wondered whether I could front tuck it. Today I arrived at the gym and felt lousy, but as soon as I started training I was in hyper drive and dedicated to nail this!
I present to you: The Oliver Twist Flip © 2015 – until I see video evidence of someone doing this entry to a front flip before me, I’m gonna claim this as my little baby!