Guess who’s back?!

Ok, it’s me, Twist, I’m back. Not much of a puzzle I know. It was hardly going to be Pope John Paul II – back with a vengeance ……… on my blog…

Anyway, there’s been a distinct lack of updatage going on here on my once nurtured website. For that I apologise to any die hard fans who enjoyed my frequent random ramblings. Fear not, I’ve been getting up to loads of mentally awesome stuff!

To save me time and effort describing evvvvvvvvverything I’ve been doing in my own little b-boy world here is our shiny new showreel that I spent hours labouring over and includes some of the highlights of past months which I’ve wanted to post updates about, but am too lazy haven’t found time to do:

Blood Masterz – Professional Breakdance Performance Crew Showreel

So it is evident that exciting new things have been hip hop happening. Importantly – the fusion of MixBloodFlow dance crew and the Drunken Masterz crew to form the Blood Masterz professional breakdance performance crew available for hire. Contact us to hire a breakdance show for your next event!

Blood Masterz?

Yes! Blood Masterz – once upon a time (about the end of July) myself, Bobak and Just Me from The Masterz crew joined MixBloodFlow b-boys Crackroc, Leeroc and Joe on a wacky and wonderful adventure to The Secret Garden Party 2010 to perform spontaneous breakdance shows around the festival site… AND THAT WE DID – CONSTANTLY!

From the moment we arrived, midnight on Wednesday, we wound down the windows of the car in the queue before even entering the festival gates, pumped out some funky tunes and unleashed our pent up b-boying moves on the grass to receive applause from fellow performers queuing up to get in! From then on we pretty much danced solidly until Monday!

We even had our own circle of tents with a lino in the middle. Every time a random passer by tried to take a short cut through our circle we made them bust out their best move on the lino!

Oh, there are soooo many crazy stories to tell about The Secret Garden Party, this post could go on for many scrolls of your mouse wheel but I’ll conclude in a couple of paragraphs and you can check out YouTube etc. for more about The Secret Garden Party 2010.

Here’s a sly video for you anyway from some other random festival goers that I happened to find. Our perspective of the festival was entirely different obviously and we didn’t even see most of this stuff going on, which just shows how many crazy things were happening the whole time:

Basically my point was (I think I had a point about all this…) we started off at the festival as two separate crews – The Masterz and MixBloodFlow but within a few hours, let alone the 5 days we were there together we fused and formed Blood Masterz 🙂 Since our return from the rabbit hole we’ve done a couple of performances together at nightclubs in Wakefield and corporate events in Leeds and more! We’re looking forward to performing together at more weddings, corporate events and nightclubs 😀 as well as battling in the near future! Watch out, Blood Masterz are coming for you with more flavour than a Pot Noodle!

Contact us to hire a breakdance show for your wedding, corporate event or nightclub promotion!

Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.  ~Jules Renard

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